The Hidden

Some new images made over the long weekend.

The Hidden

Picked up a new little compact (already out of date even though it is brand new) for our trip to the UK at the end of the year. Decided that rather than lugging the Hasselblad around like I did last trip, that I really needed something small. While I would love to be able to find an affordable Mamiya 6 so I could keep shooting 120 film, my Trademe watch list has come up empty. In the end the size and the square format crop mode on the Canon S95 appealed enough to get a digital compact (though I will probably take the Oympus XA with some Orwo B&W too - even though I loath scanning 35mm)

Needed to try it out, hence the Hidden series.

If anyone has a Mamiya 6 that they want to sell off, let me know.

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