MyWellington Update

Have just added 10 images to MyWellington (shout out to Karim Sahai who hooked me up with the roll of Ektar 100 that they were shot on (I know is says Fuji 400H at the bottom, but not really sure yet how I am going to change the pages style sheet to reflect different film types))

PhotoEspresso you Rock

I like coffee. I like photography. Wellington has a place where both of these things exist in perfect harmony. PhotoEspresso. I can wander in, drop off a roll of film ($6 for a dev only 120), or a memory stick of images, and while I wait I can have a pretty damn good coffee. The staff are friendly, they embrace analog photography (they still have a wet lab, rare in this day and age), every 5 coffees you have you get 5 free prints (I have been getting 4x4 prints made and building a physical version of Random Wellington) - what's not to love?. If the place had a couch I might never leave.