The Window Project

As always I have been really slack at updating the blog. I have just realised, 4 months in that I didn't write anything about The Window Project on the blog.

Actually there is probably nothing much more to say that I have not already said on the about page so I won't... other than to say there are a couple of new images up for December.

Averagely Attractive

Having seen Photo Opportunities where multiple photos of popular tourist locations were layered together, and recalling a phycology test (like this) I did back when I was at University (there was good money for poor students partaking in Phyc tests!) I wondered about layering images of celebrities together to form some sort of average representation of them.

A wet Saturday morning of coding resulted in a Photoshop script that would allow you to mark the eyes in an image, then the script would scale, rotate and position the images into a stack, adjusting the opacity based on the total number of images.

It was then just a case of trawling Google Images (apologies to the copyright holders) to gather a series of celebrity images to process to see what came out at the other end.

Averagely Attractive


Having decided to have a TV free week, I need something to do so have updated the website adding a new series of images from the Fever Hospital in Wellington (though they should probably be added to the Abandoned series which will probably happen eventually) and added an old series called Tomorrow that I exhibited in the Hatch show in 2009 (was it that long ago?...)

Expect a few more updates as I have another 5 rolls to finish retouching before trying to make some semblance of order from them...