Site Updates

I have spent a bit of time today tiding up the website. I hope I have not broken anything.

The major change is that I have removed my photoblog that I started quite a few years ago. I have been trying to concentrate more on series of images rather than individual images, so the photoblog has been a bit neglected of late. In the end I decided that I would kill it completely, and any individual images that I liked I would put up on Flickr

As some will already know, I have recently moved to Wellington from Christchurch. It was pretty sad to leave the broken city (we moved for work, rather than to get away from Earthquakes) and the guys who I used to shoot with - in an effort to get to know the city better I have been wandering with the camera.

I have also put up a new series on car parking in Wellington. Wellington is a pretty crazy place for parking (compared to what I am used to in Christchurch anyway) and I have become more conscious of this since my work office moved into the central city and I now don't have the luxury of a permanent car park. Probably good for me as I am working the 30min to the office in the morning - though listening to the rain outside, I can't say I am looking forward to the walk tomorrow.

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